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When Are You Eligible to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Following a serious accident, the last thing that you want to do is explain to numerous parties why you deserve justice.

Being involved in an accident can be stressful, but you might also be going through major physical and psychological challenges.

If you’ve just been involved in an accident and you’re looking for help, you could consider hiring a personal injury attorney.

You may be worried that your claim is ineligible for their services but more often than not, you will have a good case and be eligible for damages.

Read on to learn when you are eligible to hire a personal injury attorney.


If You’ve Been Involved in a Serious Accident

Injuries incurred from an accident can range in severity from minor to life-threatening.

Personal injury attorneys can step in when you have been involved in a serious accident that requires medical care, including hospitalizations, surgery, rehabilitation, chiropractic work, cosmetic surgery, physical therapy, and even orthopedics.

Additionally, if your accident is serious enough that you have to stop work, then you might be eligible for a personal injury attorney.

If the accident is so serious that your function is limited, then you or a loved one should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible.

While a personal injury attorney can help with minor injuries, their time is better spent elsewhere.

Therefore, they may deny your request for services if they believe that you can handle the claim on your own.

If you are experiencing some of the other complications listed in this blog, though, you might still be eligible.

If You Believe Your Accident Was the Cause of Someone Else

Sometimes the cause of an accident might not be clear.

If you or someone you love was subjected to neglect, such as driver neglect in an automobile accident or neglect providing medical care, then your case may be eligible.

You will want additional support in challenging the other person.

This is because that other person or party might not believe that they were the cause of the accident.

Therefore, challenging this other person requires that you provide evidence of the injustice.

A personal injury lawyer can help you navigate these waters, especially during challenging times like the death or serious injury of a loved one.

When Others Involved in the Accident Are Refusing to Pay or Offering an Unreasonably Low Amount

In order to get their clients out of paying for the claims of injured parties, insurance companies may try to deny that their clients are liable for the claim submitted or offering an unreasonably low amount to cover expenses incurred.

Navigating these strategies on your own can be extremely difficult and painful, especially since they are designed to complicate your case and are, in a way, questioning the severity of the injury or actually questioning the accident cause!

In this situation, it’s best that a personal injury attorney step in to negotiate on your behalf.

They are able to talk-down tactics put forward in bad-faith and get you and your loved ones the justice you deserve.

If you aren’t going through an insurance company, then you might be trying to flag down the person that caused the accident.

This is no easy feat, and it often requires the help of a personal injury attorney and the gravity they can bring to the situation.

The offending party may ignore you but they are unlikely to ignore an attorney.

When an Insurance Agency is Contacting You

Sometimes dealing with an insurance agent can be quite a hassle.

They might be disputing the liability of the insured, or they are simply asking too many questions.

If you can no longer answer the questions of the insurance company, don’t simply ignore them. Instead, refer to a personal injury attorney.

A personal injury attorney and their firm is prepared to handle constant contact with pesky insurance agents.

Understanding Your Rights and Reasons to Sue for Personal Injury

If you or a loved one has been injured due to negligence, medical malpractice, or other liability claims, you have rights.

People involved in accidents might have to visit medical practitioners to recover, dealing with additional recovery time, surgery, physical therapy, and more.

You might also miss work, lose your job, or experience extreme lifestyle changes due to physical impairment, dismemberment, long-term disability, and more.

Some of the ways that you can sue for personal injury or accident include:

  • Medical malpractice

  • Nursing home injuries or neglect

  • Wrongful death

  • Animal bites

  • Injury or damage due to defective products

  • Long-term disability claims

  • Construction accidents

  • Defective playgrounds

  • Mold injuries

  • Vehicle accidents (due to driver negligence)

  • Premises-liability claims

  • Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall claims (defective stairs)

If you have experienced any of these things, then contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

If you wait over one year, maybe two, then you might lose some of your rights and entitlements.

There are many ways in which you might be suffering. If you have experienced an accident and suffered any of the following, then you may be entitled to rights:

  • Property damage

  • Medical expenses

  • Loss of income

  • Pain and suffering

  • Loss of enjoyment of life

  • Disfigurement or dismemberment

If Any of the Above is True and You’re Not Comfortable With the Law and Settlement Process

If you or a loved one has experienced a bad accident and you need to go through the process of suing for financial reimbursement, whether it is due to the accident or residual damages due to medical bills and lost work, always know that you can turn to a personal injury attorney for help.

A personal injury attorney has trained for helping normal people like you navigate confusing and stressful legal matters. Let them handle the legalities, paperwork, and everything in between.

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